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Paper Title: Heart Failure Care Plan
Document Type: Nursing Essay
Paper Format: APA
Heart failure (HF) is characterized by the inability of the heart to pump an adequate supply of blood. Heart failure disrupts all the major body functions because of insufficient blood flow. Heart failure is a condition or a collection of symptoms that weaken the heart. In some people, heart failure is associated with difficulty in pumping enough blood to sustain other vital organs in the body. Other people may experience a stiffening and hardening of the heart muscle itself which reduces or blocks the flow of blood to the heart. Heart failure can affect the left or right side of the heart or both sides simultaneously. Heart failure can either be a chronic or acute condition.
Paper Title: Challenges of spousal care givers
Document Type: Undergraduate
Paper Format: APA
In this generation, many older adults are experiencing long-term care challenges and depend on their family and friends for assistance. In the United States, the population of baby-boomer would triple in the next 5 decade; hence becoming a pressing issue for caregivers (Porcari, Bryant, & Comana, 2015). The rate of depression among this population is high because of their advanced ages, family caregiver gender, and spousal relationship. Whereas families who have assisted and offered emotional support to their older members with self-care tasks and household chores, family caregivers are now offering medical and healthcare at home where they navigate fragmented and complicated health care and serving in surrogacy roles bearing legal implications.
Paper Title: Insulin Pump Policy
Document Type: Undergraduate
Paper Format: APA
Insulin pump safety has become an urgent and significant concern for the hospitalized patient and staff. Hospitals have policy and procedures on patient’s storage and self-administration of home medications. However, these policies do not address insulin delivered by an insulin pump ("Insulin Pump Safety," September 18, 2012). An insulin pump delivers rapid action insulin hourly by a set basal rate and the patient delivers their boluses according to their blood sugar and carbohydrate intake. Boluses are calculated with settings such as insulin to carbohydrate ratio, insulin sensitivity ratio, a blood glucose target, and active insulin time for covering their meals and/or correcting hyperglycemia. These pump settings are determined by their doctor, usually an Endocrinologist.
Paper Title: Healthcare Operations Management
Document Type: Case Study
Paper Format: APA
Many hospitals are being challenged with numerous complexities brought about by competition and endeavoring to be a comprehensive unit to all patients within and outside the hospital is increasingly an unviable strategy. In order for a hospital to effectively compete with focused and smaller competitors is to arrange themselves through a service line by either building, buying or leasing world class facilities in a selected few clinical areas(Ozcan & Linhart, 2017). This strategy will help the hospital to reap big on fiscal benefits while at the same time enhance their ability to serve the patients, stakeholders and the community in general.
Paper Title: Medication Errors in ICU
Document Type: Undergraduate
Paper Format: MLA
Health care organizations are continuously paying attention to the role of players in the sector in relation provision of quality care and ensuring the safety of the patient. This is following the appalling cost and incidence of medical errors (Grundgeiger, Sanderson, MacDougall &Venkatesh, n.d). Whereas great attention has been given to the myriad effect of these events in the healthcare on patients who have fallen victims of medical errors there has not been enough consideration of the practitioner involved especially in relation to the intensive care unit (ICU).
Paper Title: Professional Nursing Roles and Values
Document Type: Research Paper
Paper Format: APA
Professional nursing roles and values involves providing care that meets the changing individual, family and community health requirements. Professional nursing enables the nurses to offer competent, ethical, culturally, holistic and community-based collaborative care. Professional nursing roles and values are based on innovation in nursing clinical practices, programs and technology through collaborative decision-making process and research.
Paper Title: Collaborating Community Nursing and Faith-Based Nursing
Document Type: Assignment
Paper Format: APA
It is essential for the government to ensure that there are proper health and safety programs in the nation. This makes it possible to achieve the set macroeconomic goals of production due to the focus on citizen safety. Community nursing and faith based nursing are vital in providing health care to the society. Community nursing is nurses who are focused on the management of public health through ensuring a safe environment. The community health combines with public health and clinical nursing in maximizing health status through community involvement and advice on lifestyle.
Paper Title: Physical Health Needs of Dementia Patients
Document Type: Research Paper
Paper Format: APA
Dementia is a deficiency characterised by memory loss, changes in behaviour, loss of executive functions of the brain among others. Research shows that an approximate population of 850, 000 people residing in the United Kingdom are suffering from dementia. Currently, the Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, and frontotemporal dementia are the most common types of dementia (Andrews, 2015, p.76). The study aimed at investigating the physical health needs of adults with dementia.

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